May 3, 2019

Ex-NBA Star Stephon Marbury Reflects On Career Highs & Lows In ‘A Kid From Coney Island’


Before shooting A Kid From Coney Island, a documentary on former NBA star Stephon Marbury, Chike Ozah knew little about the man, apart from a few specific facts. “I knew how much of a beast he was as a basketball player, coming out of class at ’96. I knew that much about him,” the doc’s co-director told Deadline recently, “and I just knew that his career in New York, there was controversy around it.” From Ozah and Coodie Simmons, the Tribeca doc dissects the rise, fall and rebirth of an elite athlete, from childhood through his 13 years in the NBA, and on to a career high, shooting hoops as part of the Chinese Basketball Association.

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